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Northern Virginia Eagles Team Up With Aussie Rugby Team to Help Grow Sport

Two Rugby League teams have come together from opposite ends of the world, The Kurri Kurri Bulldogs from Newcastle, Australia and the Northern Virginia Eagles, based in Nokesville, Virginia, to form a partnership to help each team in the growth of rugby. The “One World, One Game” partnership will allow both clubs to reach out to a new fan base on opposite sides of the world. Another important factor of the partnership is a player exchange program where players from both teams will be invited to participate in the other’s competition, gain experience and education while helping to promote rugby league.

The Kurri Kurri Bulldogs was established in 1911 and has a very proud rugby league history in the Newcastle, New South Wales and Australian competitions. They have won 10 championships and last year reached the Newcastle Rugby League competition Grand final once again.

The Northern Virginia Eagles was established in 2012 and play in the United States Rugby League competition. The Eagles have been growing in new players, fans and promoting the game in their local area.

The partnership idea came about from an expat resident of Newcastle now living in the USA and Head coach of the Northern Virginia Eagles, Craig Webb. Craig reached out to Bulldogs Club Secretary Jeff Polglase to see if this was something that the Bulldogs club would be interested in.

This is the first of its kind for a Newcastle Rugby League team, and a team from the United States to come together. For more information on the Kurri Kurri Bulldogs and the Northern Virginia Eagles, please check out the links below.

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