Walsh School of Foreign Service

Fulbright Scholarship: Australia-United States Alliance Studies

In June 2017, Australian government minister for foreign affairs Julie Bishop, together with the U.S. department of state, announced the creation of four new one-time Fulbright scholarships to commemorate the next 100 years of Australia-American mateship.

The exchanges are for both Australians and U.S. citizens and aim to advance scholarship in the priority fields of strategic studies, technology and innovation and will promote the exchange of ideas, research collaboration, and cultural understanding between American and Australian scholars as well as the institutions that host them.

Two scholarships will be available for Australians and two for Americans. The scholarships will include funding for 3-4 months research. As a result of the scholarship, recipients will produce a tangible contribution to contemporary debate in his or her area of speciality in the format of a report, which can be used, and published with an appropriate accreditation.

Applications are currently open and will close on July 15, 2018 (for Australians) and August 1, 2018 (for Americans).

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