Walsh School of Foreign Service

April Palmerlee

April Palmerlee is Chief Executive Officer of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia. She joined AmCham in October 2017 after a distinguished career in government, education, and the corporate sector. Most recently, she was a senior executive at the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. She has strong relationships with governments, business leaders and the public service in Australia and the U.S. American-born, Palmerlee has lived in Sydney since 2003 and is a dual citizen. She received a BS from Georgetown University and a Master’s from Columbia University. She served as Senior Coordinator for International Women’s Issues at the US Department of State.

Before that, she was a senior executive at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. She has also worked for couturier Oscar de la Renta, financial publisher The Bank Credit Analyst, and The Spanish Institute. She is currently on the Centennial Park Community Consultative Committee and the Selection Board for the Fulbright scholarship in NSW.