CANZPS Welcomes Visiting Scholars for the Fall

CANZPS is excited to welcome three new visiting scholars from Australia and New Zealand for fall, 2014. From University of Canterbury in New Zealand, we welcome Debra Wilson, Ph.D. as a visiting research scholar and professor on a New Zealand Fulbright teaching award. Her main research area is medical law and she will be teaching a course at Georgetown on Comparative and International Medical Law and Ethics in the fall of 2014.

From Australia, we are pleased to welcome Clare Sullivan, Ph.D. from the Law School at the University of South Australia, who is coming on an Endeavor Research Fellowship from the Australian government. Dr. Sullivan is a technology lawyer specializing in the legal implications of digital identity. Her research at Georgetown University will involve working with researchers and policy makers she met when she was in Washington DC in 2011-12, to examine digital identity in the context of national and international cyber security and major cyber-attack.

Finally, also from Australia we welcome Peter Dean, Ph.D., joining us from Australian National University, where he serves as Director of Studies at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre. His research project, supported by a Fulbright Award, is on the character of the Australian-United States strategic relationship and is designed to strengthen understanding of Australia’s principle military alliance and its relevance in the changing Asia-Pacific security environment.

We are very pleased that these three distinguished scholars will be based at the Center in fall, 2014 and hope that they will be warmly welcomed by our Georgetown colleagues.