Australia and America: the Pacific Refugee Crisis Roundtable Event

The now infamous phone call between Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and American President Donald Trump centered around the US accepting refugee asylum seekers from Australia, via Nauru and Papua New Guinea. It is not a story well known in the US.
This event will be a roundtable to discuss the recent refugee deal and relations between the US and Australia with reference to the Australian “Pacific Solution.” Our discussants have extensive experience in the region, including field visits to Nauru, PNG, the Solomon Islands, and Fiji, and will lay out some of the key themes which should be considered by the new American administration on this delicate foreign policy issue. It will take place Wednesday, March 1 at 1PM in ICC 450.To RSVP, click here. Speakers include Gregory Brown and Saleem Ali. 
Gregory S. Brown, PhD is an adjunct professor in CANZPS  and Senior Analyst at CENTRA Technology, Inc., where he  focuses on analysis of transational and emerging  national  security issues. He has served as a consultant and editor for  the Millennium Project's Global Challenges Program on  Transational Organized Crime (2012-2013), a Research Fellow in the Australian Centre at the University of Melbourne (2001-2002), and an Australian National University Parliamentary Fellow in the Office of the Shadow Minister for Immigration and Multiculturalism in Canberra (1999). Brown's academic work in political demography, comparative migration policy, and diaspora politics has been highlighted in The Economist, The Australian, and the New Zealand Herald, and has been published in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Political Science, and Australia's journal of demography People and Place.
Saleem H. Ali is an environmental planner whose research and  practice focuses on ways of resolving ecological conflicts through technical and social mechanisms, as well as exploring  novel ways of peace-building between corporations,  governments and communities. He holds the Blue and Gold  Distinguished Professorship in Energy and the Environment at  the University of Delaware, USA (commencing September 2016). He is also a Senior Fellow at Columbia University’s Centre on Sustainable Investment. Professor Ali has also held the Chair in Sustainable Resources Development at the University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute in Brisbane, Australia (where he retains professorial affiliation). Previously been a professor of environmental studies at the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School of Natural Resources where he was founding director of the Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security.