Looking Ahead

Looking ahead to last half of 2010 there is much to think about. Certainly, the most notable event on the CANZPS horizon is the Australian election. Without a doubt, the election outcome appears, at this writing, to be much less obvious than a year ago. The Rudd Government, according to many polls, has slipped. The home insulation fiasco, shelving of the ETS, and the stoush over the mining super profits tax have all combined to narrow the gap between the ALP and Coalition. Of course, the Coalition's new leader, Tony Abbott, appears to have breathed new life in the Opposition. How the election unfolds will certainly be interesting. Look forward to CANZPS events around the election.

In September we have two events of particular interest.  Emeritus Professor Walter Dudley of the University of Hawaii will present the Pete Tali Coleman Lecture.  Professor Dudley a leading expert on tsunamis, and has done really interesting research on tsunami survivors.  Understanding how and why people survive tsunamis helps those responsible for disaster prevention and remediation. 

Also in September we are collaborating with Professor Bernie Cook who teaches film studies at Georgetown, the Australian Embassy and Susan Talbot of New York City to present the Australian Short Film Series.  The film series will appear in New York City and Houston in addition to Washington, DC.  I have always enjoyed Australian film and I am really looking forward to this!