Comings and Goings

Twice a year CANZPS welcomes a new scholar from New Zealand, and sadly, twice a year we say farewell.  January 2011 brings another of those welcomes and another farewell.  We say goodbye to our very good friend Professor Lydia Wevers.  Lydia brought to CANZPS enormous energy and vivaciousness.  She was enormously busy, giving talks at Catholic Univeristy, Rutgers, the University of Texas and the New School in New York City.  Of course, she also presented a talk at Georgetown University as well.  In addition, Lydia also taught twice a week. 

On top of being so busy, she made sure that I got my daily dose of coffee.  She is an excellent coffee partner and I am envious of her colleagues at Victoria University!

Dr. Chris Gallavin, from Canterbury University, has arrived to teach a course on comparative constitutions.  While not teaching Chris has already ventured off to the local poetry scene.  He can be seen reciting Kiwi poetry - Sam Hunt and Denis Glover - at Poets and Busboys in Washington.  I am sure he's the first to have said, "And Quardle oodle ardle wardle doodle/The magpies said" to a Washington audience.

Happily for me Chris has kept up Lydia's discipline with coffee, for which I am forever grateful.