A Great Start to a New Academic Year

What a great start to a new academic year!  CANZPS has several events already lined up for the coming year.  In late September, CANZPS will co-host the Australian Short Film Series.  Susan Talbot, the curator of the film series, will once again offer a great sample of Australian short films.  Also in September David Guilfoyle will draw on his experiences in Western Australia and Alaska and give a talk entitled "Integrating Community, Research, and Commercial Archaeology."  Keeping with the archaeology theme, Ian Barber from the University of Otago will give a talk entitled "First Contact Between Europeans and Native New Zealanders."

Later this semester we hope to reprise our Australian election panel, with an update on Australian politics.  More on that as we get it nailed down.

CANZPS will also host several visiting scholars this year.  From the Australian Strategic Policy Institute is Carl Ungerer.  Visiting from Lowy is Fergus Hanson, winner of the 2011 Australian American DFAT Fulbright Award.  Coming from the Australian Defence Force Academy is Dr. Jian Zhang.  We look forward to working with these fantastic scholars.

In partnership with the New Zealand Embassy CANZPS students have the opportunity to participate in a paid internship.  Last year Michael Campbell and Sara Bagby worked in the New Zealand Embassy, and by all reports thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

We hope that you can join us in the coming year.  All the best!