CANZPS Certificate Students

Carmen Hundley

Carmen Hundley

I was an International Economics major and graduated in December 2015. The Certificate in Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Studies was my favorite academic experience at Georgetown. My certificate classes, ranging from Australian Film to Extractive Industries and Conflict, and professors were most enjoyable each semester. The classes were though provoking and allowed me to apply the theories learned in core classes and my economics classes in a new and interesting way. 

The specialized nature of the certificate has also helped set me apart in professional settings–I always mentioned the certificate during networking events and company representatives often told me that they would definitely remember meeting me since the program is so unique to Georgetown.

My thesis for the certificate was entitled "Innovation Policy in the Australian Wine Industry". I used two major theories of innovation to explain the emergence of Australia as a major wine producer and exporter in the 20th century and make policy recommendations for continued success.

After graduation, I joined Morgan Stanley as an Equity Research Junior Associate on the Autos and Shared Mobility team.

Donald Kim

My major was International Politics with a focus in Foreign Policy. One of my greatest enjoyments in pursuing this certificate was learning about an entirely new country and continent, one that I knew nothing about coming to Georgetown, and delving into all aspects its of history, politics, film, and social culture. I especially enjoyed the National Identity in Films class because I thought it did a great job in showcasing Australian national identity in a fun and enjoyable way. As for the program itself, I appreciated the flexibility in which Professor Tidwell allowed us in choosing our thesis topics. He recognized that one of my favorite topics was Aboriginal history and the outback and together, we were able to discover a unique and interesting topic for me to write about. My thesis was on Australian Aboriginal Art and its significance, soft power, and meaning.  Essentially, I argued that the use of Aboriginal visual art has been an important factor for both Australia's and England's soft power internationally but at the same time extremely controversial to the Aboriginal community. Upon graduation, I will be working for Oracle Corporation as a Sale and Business Development Representative in their office in Boston.

Andrew McCoy

I am a senior in the School of Foreign Service studying International Politics with a concentration in International Security. I enjoyed being able to work closely with CANZPS professors while learning about a wide variety of security and resource issues affecting Australia and the broader region. My certificate thesis analyzes Australian renewable energy policy and gleans lessons from Germany's energiewende to reform the former's policy framework. After graduation, I will work as an energy economist at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman. 

Alex Van Dyke

My first introduction to the CANZPS certificate was during my first-year proseminar, Peoples and Politics of Australia. I immediately gravitated to the field of Australian Studies, and especially the interdisciplinary nature of the program offered at Georgetown. I was able to take a variety of classes on topics as varied as the film industry, healthcare system, trade relations and diaspora communities of Australia and the region. This diverse approach offered by the certificate program proved to be an invaluable foundation when I studied abroad in Melbourne during my junior year. The program also provided me the opportunity to delve more deeply into a single topic through the final research paper, in which I investigated why Australian prime ministers are removed from office at a higher rate than leaders in most other democratic countries. In the future I plan to attend law school with a focus on International Law.