Upcoming Events!

April 4: Christopher Joyner Antarctic Seminar


The first part of this two-part talk will be presented by Provost Robert, which reviews the basics of the US presence in the Antarctic and the nature of the scientific activities taking place there.The second piece will be presented by Assistant Professor Sarah Johnson, Angela Bai (undergrad), Elena Zaikova (post-doc), and Dave Goerlitz. They will discuss their expedition to the Antarctic Dry Valleys—the science at stake, the highs and lows of working in such a remote place, and what they've learned in the process.  

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April 5: ANZAC Lecture: The ANZUS Alliance and the New America

The recent tiff between US President Trump and Australian PM Turnbull shone a spotlight on the ANZUS treaty, underlining the importance of the Australian American alliance. Australian National University scholars Peter Dean and Brendan Taylor will discuss Australia's strategic culture, the Australian-US relationship in Asia, the current thinking on the role of ANZUS in Australia under the new Trump administration and the future of ANZUS.

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April 12: Southby Seminar: The Impact of Climate Change on Public Health in the South Pacific

University of Washington Professor Kristie Ebi will talk on the urgent need to increase the resilience of vulnerable communities and populations to expected changes in the numbers of cases of climate-sensitive health outcomes as the climate continues to change.

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